Progress Report

I’ve been building on this website for almost a week. At this point you can find out who is a member of most of the bands or groups in the area. And you can get a list of all the known (by me…) events for a group from now until the end of the year.

You can click on the Groups and Bands item on the menu and click on a group from the page that comes up. The page for that group shows the members and has a link to find out their schedule of appearances in the area. There are also links to their website and Facebook pages, if they have them. Each band member also has a link to their individual pages.

Coming up soon will be Schedule links, Website links and Facebook links for each of the individual musicians. Contact Us to let me know if I have missed some of your info.

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Hello Mountain View!

Welcome to Mountain View Music Scene. Our goal is to present a single place to find where your favorite musicians are playing and to find out who is playing at your favorite venues in the Mountain View area.

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